About Obsession Online Store

Obsession Dive ONLINE  is a family owned and run business, evolving from three generations of passionate Sydney spearfishermen. Our family obsession with spearfishing began in 1955 when Craig Shephard’s father taught himself to catch fish with a home-made hand-spear on the plentiful reefs near Cronulla and Lake Macquarie. His success, ultimately lead to a lifetime of spearfishing with friends, family and the local spearfishing Club.

Following keenly in his father’s footsteps, Craig has turned his family love for the ocean into a career, becoming a biologist, commercial diver and owner/operator of Obsession Dive with his wife, Justine. Craig is also a powerful ambassador for the spearfishing community and has represented spearos at the local, state and federal level, advocating for access and fishing rights.

With three generations of spearos alive and spearing, the future of spearfishing is in great hands with Craig and Justine’s two children, rapidly becoming involved in the sport.

Obsession Dive ONLINE store stocks a wide variety of trusted and reliable brands at competitive prices and catering for all levels of experience. Check out our online store.

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