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Performing at the highest level while bringing some much needed style and flavour to the market we are hyped to be offering the Aquagat 'Keep-It' reel after countless hours of design and testing with world class divers all over the world.

The strong, durable and stylish reel housing and spool are as always in house designed and have been developed and constructed by hand utilizing our unique ultra rigid poly medium process.

The 'Keep-It' reel comes standard in our Aquagat turquoise swirl.

The 'Keep-It' reel comes in two styles, 'Timber' and 'Railgun',

Fitted with bespoke designed 316 and 304 stainless steel components this reel is built to last, performs flawlessly and accepts 45 meters of 1.8mm dyneema. 

The Keep It Reel - Railgun comes with a specifically designed mounting bracket to suit any rail gun stock, along with 2 x 304 stainless M5 mounting bolts.

The 4mm stainless steel line guides in our housing ensure no wear or potential line cut in the 'Keep-It' reels housing as you're being spooled by that 40kg Wahoo. This reel will pass tests (with flying colours) in all the rigorous situations you will put it through all whilst looking absolutely stunning from every angle.

Our rail-gun bracket design also incorporates the anchor points for your bands if your running a roller gun making it ideal for any roller railgun whilst maximizing band stretch and band longevity as you can simply unhook your bands pretension when not diving, form meeting function, so simple and so effective!

We created the roller gun band anchor/reel bracket to eliminate unsightly band protrusion seen on other clamp style railgun brackets. Our design also has less contact area on the bands creating ultimate efficiency, it all adds up!

The slim, sturdy design of the railgun bracket is universally profiled to contour 31mm stocks, smaller 26mm stocks as well as larger carbon oval tube stocks.

If your stock is of carbon or alloy construction, mounting is the same simple process. Simply drill 2 x 4.5mm pilot holes, apply some loctite or araldite and simply screw the base in place, this will ensure a sealed and tightly fitted bracket and your stock will not leak.