Aquagat Reverse Trigger Mechanism

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Building your own custom speargun and want one of the best looking, strongest and smoothest trigger mechanisms on the planet?

After many requests from speargun builders around the world we are very pleased to now offer the Aquagat Reverse Trigger mechanism for speargun builders.

Constructed from solid 316 stainless steel the Aquagat Reverse Trigger mechs housing walls are 2mm thick, making it among the worlds thickest mech housings, along with nylon bushings and 316 sears in the Reverse Trigger Mechanism format this is one TOUGH unit, yet with a silky smooth finger lever feel even when loaded right up it even has a killer automatic line release reset, better STILL it won't break the bank!

We've spent significant time and energy developing this trigger mechanism to our extremely high standards and detailed specifications, and in fact each and every Aquagat speargun model utilizes this same trigger mechanism including our most powerful models the Rollergat, Timber Classic Bluewater and Invertagat.

Rated to a load capacity of 320KG and accepting shaft diameters between 7.1mm to 8.7mm (9/32” 5/16” and 11/32”) this is one very tough and versatile unit.

For reference, an average 110 roller-gun (single roller) set up running 16mm rubber at 350% band stretch loads around 70kgs of force on the trigger mech.

Even at the highest loads this mechanism has the smoothest finger lever feel, and being in the 'reverse' format, an extra 25mm of stock length is able to be utilized for extra band stretch, and we all know that more available stock length and band stretch means more available power!

But what's power without finesse? Nothing, that's what. This is why the smooth release of our reverse trigger mech is so important. 

With no catch or drag impeding the finger lever pull as the sears disengage from the shafts loading notch, the speargun stays as stationary as possible as the diver pulls the trigger and the shaft begins its trajectory down the track, and stillness creates accuracy.

Further, as a smooth shaft release means no shaft jump or wiggle upon sear disengagement, the shaft will travel down the spearguns track as smoothly and as efficiently as possible ultimately with more power than a shaft that jumps or wiggles and causes a loss of kinetic energy.

The Aquagat Reverse Trigger mechanism is designed to run with US square loading notched shafts.