CRESSI Mask Snorkel & Fin Package Deal

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Cressi pro star fins and Perla mask & snorkel set deal


Full footpocket for comfort 
- Long blade for efficiency
- Lightweight, Reactive and Fluid Fining Blade
- Sleek Designed Fin
- Blade on Top of Foot Pocket for Optimum Performance
- 20% Increase of Blade Surface Area
- Strong High Performance Polypropylene Blade Material
- Soft Comfortable Computer Designed Elastomer Foot Pocket
- Foot Pocket Comfortably Wraps Around Foot, Eliminating Foot Cramping
- Thermo-Rubber (elastomer) Side Rails and Various Inserts
- Side Rails Provide Protective Seal for Blade Edges
- Two Stabilising Flaps on End-of-Blade and Sole of Foot for Excellent Stability
- Highly Anatomic Foot Pocket, Optimum Transmission of Leg-Fin Thrust
- Fin Makes Kicking Easier and PowerfuL


The Perla adult mask has separate lenses, a skirt edge fitting most faces and a small inner volume, perfect for free-divers. It is made from soft dark silicone, and comes with strong rapid action buckles to adjust the strap.

The Mexico snorkel has a large flexible contoured tube which allows for a custom fitting snorkel. An upper wave guard minimizes water entry while on the surface. Silicone mouthpiece.

All Cressi products are manufactured in Italy using the most advanced applications available.

PLEASE CHOOSE CAREFULLY  - we do not exchange or refund masks/snorkels due to covid/ hygiene policy.