Cressi Mowhawk Speargun - 1.2m Clearance

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The newly re-designed Mohawk has been created using modern technology specifically designed to suit the high demand for a more reliable and superior performance within the Australian Spearfishing market. Designed for our own waters, new and enhanced features include:

  • New All Steel Cherokee reverse trigger mechanism which increases the overall band stretch and performance while increasing reliability and strength in comparison to traditional mechanisms.
  • Ridged and reinforced 28mm Rail Barrel for improved accuracy.
  • Unique Magnetic Twin Rubber Open Muzzle which combines the ease of loading a closed muzzle and clear sighting of an open muzzle.
  • The new Mohawk comes fitted with a 7mm Double Notch Spring Steel Shaft.
  • Comes rigged with a snap clip bungee, a shark clip with swivel and monofilament.
  • This model comes with a single 16mm rubber - But has the option to add another.