RABITECH Stealth X Speargun 90cm to 1.1m

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The Rabitech Stealth X Speargun is one of the most exciting guns to come onto the market. The barrel has been increased to a 29mm diameter adding a little more weight to the gun and eliminating recoil ensuring a much more accurate shot. Rabitech's new muzzle can be configured to be used in many different ways from open to closed. A kit is also be available to turn your existing muzzle into a roller.

  • Double 16mm Rubber
  • Double notch 7mm spear
  • Pro range
  • The grip is made out of ultra strong, high quality Glass-Filled Nylon.
  • The muzzles are manufactured from ultra strong, high quality Glass-Filled Nylon.
  • Anodized Marine grade Aluminum extruded barrel. On top of the barrel is fitted a special Rail track of HDPE Plastic. Rabitech prefer to use a non metal rail to ensure a quiet spear release.
  • *Lifetime warranty - does not inc rubber/shaft/shockcord or mono.
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  • The warranty does not cover power bands, bridles, spears, shooting line, line tensioner or decals which normally require replacement from time to time. It does not cover failure due to accidental damage, fair wear and tear, misuse, negligence or any alterations whatsoever in the form of or content of the Speargun.