CRESSI Pro Star Fins

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Full footpocket for comfort 
- Long blade for efficiency
- Lightweight, Reactive and Fluid Fining Blade
- Sleek Designed Fin
- Blade on Top of Foot Pocket for Optimum Performance
- 20% Increase of Blade Surface Area
- Strong High Performance Polypropylene Blade Material
- Soft Comfortable Computer Designed Elastomer Foot Pocket
- Foot Pocket Comfortably Wraps Around Foot, Eliminating Foot Cramping
- Thermo-Rubber (elastomer) Side Rails and Various Inserts
- Side Rails Provide Protective Seal for Blade Edges
- Two Stabilising Flaps on End-of-Blade and Sole of Foot for Excellent Stability
- Highly Anatomic Foot Pocket, Optimum Transmission of Leg-Fin Thrust
- Fin Makes Kicking Easier and Powerful

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