CRESSI Spider Pro Gloves 2mm

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The Cressi Spider Pro 2 mm Dive Gloves are a versatile “second skin” designed for either cold or warm water adventures. Made from Superflex 2mm neoprene, they are designed to favour the natural position of the hand, with semi-bent fingers which allows you to feel objects as if you are not wearing gloves. The entire super-stretch neoprene surface is covered with a non-slip finish for a sure grip in all situations. Plus the Powertex palms make these gloves tough wearing and great for catching crays, plus wreck and cave diving.

The Cressi Spider Pro gloves are stitched the same as any other glove, however, they also have been glued along the seams to make them stronger and more resilient to tearing. They come in 2 mm thick super-stretch neoprene and give an extraordinarily sensitive touch together with good protection from the cold.

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