DiveR Composite Blades PELAGICA (Med)

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The customised hybrid epoxy resin system, coupled with state of the art design and aerospace grade fabric combine to create a fin that transfers load to the larger muscle groups, instead of focusing on any one specific location. This is achieved by enabling the fin to progressively flex from heel to the toe. The ergonomic angle in the base of the blade aids streamlining, making both surface swimming and deep diving a breeze.

DiveR prides itself on producing nothing but the highest quality equipment. All blades come with a 3 year warranty (many commercial divers are into their 6th and 7th years on one set of blades). All the blades are made by DiveR in Australia. During manufacture the blades are tested after the annealing process to ensure maximum mechanical properties.

DiveR also prides itself on setting the trends when it comes to fins. Another first by DiveR was the incorporation of vibrant eye catching pictographic camouflage designs. DiveR fin blades don't only work they also look incredible. These designs are formed using a structural matrix, not a stick on decal. So they are in essence a very important part of the blade's structure.