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An exemplar of Speargun technology the Torelli Generation 4 Taipan features a multi-laminated Carbon Fiber barrel with an elliptical bulge along the horizontal axis increasing stiffness, displacement and stability. 

The Torelli Alpha handle is fitted with the precision engineered K shot engine mechanism with 316 Stainless Steel Sear, Stainless Steel active line release and Stainless Steel trigger.

Taipans' open muzzle and open track configuration make for easy loading and the perfect buoyance characteristics ensures the Taipan tracks quickly and with ease making this speargun a pleasure to use. 

Accurate shots with minimal recoil are the result of meticulous attention to power-mass ratio, handle/muzzle weight biasing and the stabilization effect of the Cuttle wings.

Rigged with twin 16mm American Primeline latex power bands and Torelli 2100Mpa spring steel 7.5mm spear shaft the Taipan is

suitable for securing large reef and pelagic fish.


Handle: Torelli Alpha-K 

Mechanism: Kevlar reinforced Acetyl Cassette/ Stainless Steel Hybrid Shot Engine

BarrelCuttlefish Carbon Fiber 29.5mm Diameter x 50mm Cuttle. Mass biased toward muzzle and handle to minimize recoil turning moment. 

Muzzle: Trimax Multi Configurable Open Muzzle (Closed Adaptor Included)

Line Release: Under Mounted Active Stainless Steel  

Bands: 2x16mm USA Primeline Pure Latex

Spear: 7.5mm Triple Notch Spring Steel 2100Mpa

Rigging: 2mm Hard Skin Monofilament, Muzzle Bungee, Shark Clip

Barrel Length:  90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm

The warranty does not cover power bands, bridles, spears, shooting line, line tensioner or decals which normally require replacement from time to time. It does not cover failure due to accidental damage, fair wear and tear, misuse, negligence or any alterations whatsoever in the form of or content of the Speargun.