TORELLI TURRUM Speargun offshore 16mm Offshore CLEARANCE MODEL

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Black handle mech. (not the purple model)

Features highly polished stainless steel sear and line release. The line release is activated internally and has no effect on the spear shaft. The shot engine cassette has a new lower profile shape and a wide mouth allowing the use of spears up to 8mm diameter and easy flushing of the mechanism internals after the dive. A very smooth spear engagement and trigger pull are the result of this new cassette profile combined with the geometry of the new mechanism components. Designed to to take down large prey the Torelli Turrum is a hard hitting precision balanced Australia made speargun ideal for both pelagic and reef hunters.

  OFFSHORE: 2X16mm power bands - 7.5mm dia.shaft

Glass reinforced nylon Alpha handle with Integral loading butt and rubberized hand grip now comes with the all new Alpha2 Shot Engine*. Stainless Steel active line release.

Aluminum barrel with deep full length rail.

Stainless Steel shark clip lanyard float line attachment.

Torelli 2100mpa oil quenched hardened bend resistant Spring Steel Spear with scale piercing tri cut point and heavy duty flopper.

Twin pure latex Torelli Bulldog Power Bands.

Glass reinforced nylon Trimax multi configurable muzzle.

Heavy duty muzzle bungee ensuring correct shooting line tension and quick spear change.

180kg breaking strain hard skin black high abrasion resistance monofilament shooting line.

Available in 100cm, 110cm, 120cm