RABITECH Silhouette Wetsuit 3.5mm SALE

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**Opencell  - Needs to be lubed to put on**

Mid range suit he Rabitech Silhouette 3.5mm wetsuit, is made from high quality Japanese Yamamoto foam with a nylon outer material which makes it one of the warmest most comfortable wetsuits on the market.

Designed with input coming from Leading Australian experts we wanted to produce the best suit for Australian divers.

– High Quality 3.5mm Japanese Yamamoto rubber, this is softer and warmer than cheaper options.

– Anatomic cut, fits divers better keeping them warmer and more comfortable.

– Beefy loading pad, makes loading the gun a breeze.

– 5mm Supratex knee pads, these are designed to give the best protection, great for those bashing around the rocks.

– 3.5mm Supratex elbow pads, great protection for your elbows when crawling around on the bottom.

– 3.5mm Supratex butt padding, extra protection when climbing out of the wash and having to sit on sharp rocks.

– Pocket on the right thigh, perfect for your knife and torch.

– Traditional Smooth Skin cuffs

– Latex Dots on seam joins, to prevent stitching unraveling.

Finished in a very natural looking grey/black camo pattern.

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**Please choose carefully with wetsuits. Once you have purchased the suit in the interests of hygiene, exchanges/returns will not be accepted. Check size charts**