SEAC Fox Mask -Black

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Seac Fox Scuba,Spearfishing, Freediving and Snorkeling high-end Dual Lens Mask.

Comfortable, foldable, and adaptable, the Seac Fox Dive Mask provides low volume satisfaction for your face while diving.

The polycarbonate frame provides a wide field of view and the flexible silicone skirt conforms to your face without leaving marks.

The Seac Fox diving mask is about performance first and foremost, so is designed with a durable polycarbonate frame holding two tempered glass lenses close to your eyes.

Not only does this two lens Scuba mask reduce blind spots by doing this, it also reduces the interior volume of the mask.

That means its less buoyant underwater and more comfortable to wear.

It also means that the specially designed nose pocket is even more effective at helping you equalize pressure while youre at depth.

But this dive mask still manages to be comfortable because the comfort high-quality silicone skirt has a smooth edge design to eliminate marking on your face, and the hypoallergenic double feathered edge skirt with differentiated thickness make it supportive where it needs to be and flexible where it doesnt.

The skirt buckle combines the easy touch system with the new tubing connected system.

The mask design allows possibility to assemble optical lenses.

Mask comes with a protective mask box.


Comfortable, Foldable, and Adaptable.

Low Interior Volume Design:

Less Buoyant Underwater, More Comfortable to Wear.

Flexible Silicone Skirt Conforms to Face.


Differentiated Thickness Makes Mask Supportive where Needed, Flexible Where Not.


Combines Easy Touch System Tubing Connected System.