NEW TORELLI Tigon Roller Speargun (14mm)

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Built to best practice design, manufacture and materials Torelli Roller Guns deliver powerful, efficient and accurate shots with minimal recoil.

Torelli roller muzzle attributes include ultra-low friction ceramic bearings, large diameter rollers, negative bridle lift profile, shooting line isolation management, stainless steel line anchor and robust glass reinforced nylon construction.

Torelli Alhpa-K handle features the new K shot engine cassette with hybrid stainless steel trigger and active stainless steel line release. 

A state of the art speargun the Tigon Roller is fitted with a 7.0mm spear and variable pretensioned 14mm rubbers ensuring maximium energy transfer to the spear shaft.

Double wrap Dyneema shooting line, HD muzzle bungee and floatline clip complete the package.

Handle: Torelli Alpha-K

Mechanism: Kevlar Reinforced Acetyl Cassette/ Stainless Steel Hybrid Shot Engine

Barrel:  Aluminum Rail 29.5mm Diameter

Muzzle: Torelli Roller Ceramic Bearings

Line Release: Under Mounted Active Stainless Steel  

Bands: 2x14mm USA Primeline Pure Latex

Spear: 7.0mm Double Notch Spring Steel 2100Mpa

Rigging: 2mm Dyneema Double Wrap, Muzzle Bungee, Shark Clip

Barrel Length:  75cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm and 120cm

The warranty does not cover power bands, bridles, spears, shooting line, line tensioner or decals which normally require replacement from time to time. It does not cover failure due to accidental damage, fair wear and tear, misuse, negligence or any alterations whatsoever in the form of or content of the Speargun.